On The Way Down


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About On The Way Down by YUNICE

On The Way Down is the first song I've produced in years... I've co-produced all my songs with other musicians and I'm usually very hands on with the mix, but I haven't sat down and made a beat until last May. On the living room floor in Lisbon, I sang into a loop machine, trying to prove my worth to someone whose heart has already left me. The lyrics talked about time lost being apart, message received, and next time on the way down, I won't follow. fun fact, It was written around the same time LUNA crashed. This is the third and final song off of Private Room EP, my genesis music NFT release. Mixed and mastered by FenixProd from Lithuania! We connected through Squad of Knights. Album art by Tiffany Ou and Zach Ginnever at Seker Factory DAO


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November 23, 2022

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