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About Soltera by Xcelencia

For my genesis Sound drop it was important to stay true to the essence. I could’ve gone with another style of music but it was key for me to make history by sticking to the roots. When I first got into crypto in 2017, I noticed that the majority of the artists involved were in electronic music, a culture I was also a part of but I knew it would be an uphill battle to get Reggaeton recognition in the space. Fast-forward a few years and I accomplished everything I set out too in crypto/web3. (so far) I made this song late 2021, I was on a hot streak knocking down about 3 records a night and “SOLTERA” was born. I needed a dope Reggaeton for the INFINXTE album and this was the one. The track is produced by two of my closest friends, Los Hitmen, a grammy-nominated production duo that have worked with heavyweights like J Balvin, Jay Wheeler, and De La Ghetto. I remember as soon as I sent the track I got a call back right away like “WTF DID YOU DO HERE?!” I knew right then we had a hit. The original artwork was crafted by one of my favorite artists from Spain, Diego (Paranoidme). I think one of the most exciting parts of my album is the diversity in collaborators, its completely organic and features artists from more than ten countries. Reggaeton was rejected in the mainstream for years and now its the voice of the youth all over Latin America, the Caribbean and people all over the world. Reggaeton pushes culture forward and I want to push it forward into web3.


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June 29, 2022

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