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Behind the music

Read a bit about ISLA REMIX directly from Xcelencia

Bela - A trip with friends will always be revealing. This song was born while I was on San Andrés island which is an island off the coast of Colombia known for its deep blue waters, warm weather and rich musical culture. This trip was about an escape, to get away from my thoughts and the people who appeared along the way made this trip something wonderful. Xcelencia - I first learned about Bela promoting on Twitter which lead me to her OpenSea. As I went through her collection I noticed the versatility and knew right away she was a songwriter at heart. That definitely drew my attention since I worked on the publishing side of music for several years helping writers and producers. I collected one of the songs in the collection making it the first music NFT I purchased to support other Latin artists in the space. We were talking about collaborating for some time and ISLA was the perfect song to start with. The Afrobeats inspired soundscape and the Rhodes driven chord progression set the tone for the song. This is one of those records where I effortlessly did my thing inspired by her writing and the production. This is the remix. 🌴

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