Wild, Wild River



6 months ago

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Available NFTs

0 / 25

Price per NFT

0.1 ETH


2.5 ETH




Available from collecting this song

  • Golden Egg

    The egg is hidden in a randomly selected timestamp. The winner is revealed only when the song sells out. The winner's NFT is then upgraded to a unique 1/1 chosen by the artist.

  • Comment Wall

    Make a public comment on the song. Prove you were a supporter from way back in the day. Sell your NFT, and your comment is replaceable by the new owner.


Behind the music

Read a bit about Wild, Wild River directly from TOMI

I am 31 going on 32 and feel as if I’m just now getting to know myself as a person and as a musician. Every song I’ve written has shown me a different piece of who I am and as I get older I am able to step back and see the whole picture forming. I went through the major label industry and came out the other end daunted and struggling to connect with the world I had once created from. Soundxyz and Web3 has given me a new outlook on music and the ability to create without boundaries. It has given me back the voice I felt I had lost and given me infinite possibilities to experiment and reach higher than I ever have before. I wrote “Wild, Wild River” about searching for a feeling just out of reach. It’s about finding strength within yourself when you feel lost or out of control. It’s a reminder that what we are searching for can be found if we slow down and look inward. I wrote this song at a time of loss in my life and it helped me find the power within myself to continue on - stronger and braver than before. Music is my way of giving back to the community that held me up through all of my growing-pain years. I will forever be grateful for the songs and the people who have paved the way before me and I hope this song can shine a light for those who feel lost in this wild, wild world.