the park

Jun 2022

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Behind the music

Read a bit about PB&J directly from the park

Made with friends on a Friday Please welcome G Flip to the world of music on chain, a musical genesis NFT moment for them. G Flip joined The Park at the collective’s Fridays at The Park, a weekly session of conversation, food, creativity, and community navigating the complexities of Web3. Everyone has their own story when they come to LA, and G Flip has many stories to tell. Sparked by convos about Peanut Butter & Jelly “Wait, You’ve never had a Pb&J?!, Buzz Light Year VANS, unhinged driver rants and Vegemite, this jam explored philosophizing with no reservations, sparked by the love of a great drum beat. And this was only week one. The Park feat G Flip Josh Lippi: bass, Pb&J G Flip: vocals, drums, sax fx Ben Schwier: wurli, synth colors Derek Taylor: percussion, coffee, www3 Tim Anderson: guitar, mix, master, magic pedals

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