No One Knows Me Like You (Kabuki Remix)


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About No One Knows Me Like You (Kabuki Remix) by Sound of Fractures

Hip Hop, Jungle and UK Bass are musical siblings, eternally connected through their cultural roots. So it is no coincidence that the heart of Kabuki beats for all of these seemingly disparate genres. For more than 20 years his music productions covered the full spectrum of beat science, but misty-eyed nostalgia isn’t Kabuki’s thing. Instead, he is more interested in the present and future of electronic music. And more than style and aesthetics he is in pursuit of the elusive element that keeps it all moving: the soul For me a good remix should showcase an aspect of the original that went by unnoticed. So my first course of action was to familiarise myself with the source material in search of a creative spark. I eventually found a background vocal which became the nucleus of the track, adding a completely new twist to the melody by means of reharmonisation. I also wanted to expand on the UK Garage vibe of the original by adding a Jungle twist and paying homage to my. roots. The end result stays true to the original while sitting comfortably between all genre definitions.


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November 11, 2022

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