No One Knows Me Like You ft. Scott Quinn


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About No One Knows Me Like You ft. Scott Quinn by Sound of Fractures

Love is a mirror, whether platonic or romantic. It’s this aspect of intimacy that a lot of us find so daunting; the idea that someone could ever accept us for who we REALLY are. Warts and all. This song explores that journey of doubt, vulnerability and ultimately the quest for acceptance…not from our partners but from ourselves. Scott was the first artist I ever produced a song for under the name Sound of Fractures, so No One Knows Me Like You is the perfect song for my first release on Sound. We have a made some really amazing music together that has never seen the light of day which is one of the challenges of being a artist we both struggle with: what happens to all the emotions that we lay bare in the studio on a day to day? Well this is one of the beautiful and liberating things about being a creator in web3... we get to do this. V1 I never wanted you to see me like this You look into my eyes and something just clicks You see me like nobody else When I feel like someone else I never wanted you to hurt like this I guess you never do but that’s the way it is You see right through me love You make me vulnerable Chorus No one knows me like you V2 You became a light in darker places You took the weight off i was bout to cave in You helped me more than you know You helped me more than you should You taught me how to love and stop the hiding I hope that I’m enough i’m still deciding I just don’t want you to go Cause no one knows me like you Chorus No one knows me like you


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September 07, 2022

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