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About ROGUE by sober rob

“ROGUE” was made in the fall of 2021, live on twitch in about an hour for a beat battle. I was living in Boston at my parents house. (I moved back home during covid to start fresh, creatively and mentally.) It had gotten to a point where I was nearly paralyzed artistically… living in LA and touring for the better part of 5 years. I didn’t know where I wanted to go and the fast paced industry combined with not taking proper care of my mental at a young age really affected my art. Removing myself from the social aspects of music was necessary in order to get back to myself creatively and I think ROGUE is a fitting title for what I was feeling while going through a lot of that mental turmoil. All of the music on my new project “sObeRRRRR” is me at my truest just doing what I love and not caring about where or when these songs will get played. I’ve always enjoyed a weird mixture of rhythmic and melodic semi-club ready music, and this lays into my heady electronic beats side much more than the festival and club sounds. It’s a more personal electronic journey but still has the wonky maximal character that a lot of my music in the past retains.


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the golden egg collector will be sent an early unreleased version of my new project "sObeRRRRR".

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September 14, 2022

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