Snoop Dogg

Death Row Session: Vol. 2 (420 Edition)


Snoop Dogg

3 months ago

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Behind the music

Read a bit about Death Row Session: Vol. 2 (420 Edition) directly from Snoop Dogg

Happy 420 mothafuccas. I made a mix for my favorite holiday and I’m only sharing it with y’all. This time around, we wanted to show off some of the dope artists in the web3 world and make sure their voice gets heard on my platform. These cats pave the way 4 people like myself in this new wave. Big shout to MoRuf, Iman Europe, Black Dave, n Heno. I won’t spoil the surprise too much but I think you’ll like this 1. Ya’ll ever heard of Dr. Bombay? Thats my bored ape. We do it right over here chuuuuch. Let me know what you think. I’ll be here waiting.

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