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About Affirmations by Scolla

“If you were given the ear of every living being on this earth for 5 minutes, what would you say?” This is a question that (whether consciously or unconsciously) lingers at the back of my mind every time I create any art. I operate in a space of gratitude and abundance, thankful for the gifts I’ve been given from the source. Thankful for my journey, my story and for the ancestors that came before me. I’m nothing without my community. I’ve learned that true growth doesn’t occur in a vacuum and I know that I’m constantly being poured into because I pour into others. It’s a cycle of love. I know all too well the importance of my purpose (while here in the physical) and the exact responsibility I have to live in that purpose. I’m a builder, simple as that. It's that ideology that's driven me since I was a kid and the ethos that acts as the fuel to my fire as a Cameroonian-American, multi-disciplined creative, an advocate for my community and a bridge between the diaspora and the motherland. “Affirmations” is self love personified and a real time case study for the power of community. This happens to be the first song of five that I recorded during a live stream with the incredibly talented June Jissle and two of his frequent collaborators, Big Racco & Tito G. I had the pleasure of meeting June (via my good brother, Cam Murdoch) back in March at the start of what we now call Future Surf Radio and I instantly became a fan. Fast forward 6 months later I know have the pleasure of calling him my brother. June called me with an idea one night that I was immediately down for. He wanted to do a challenge where he would have 15 minutes to star production and pass it along to the next person who then had 15 minutes to contribute and then finally I would have 20 mins to load the production and create a song. We did this process live and in a little under 3 hours we ended up creating an EP full of self-love, confidence, culture and vision. I’ve been in a state of flow and this process documented that stream of consciousness. June is nothing short of a genius and this record would have never happened with out him. I’m grateful to be able to use this song as an opportunity to bring not only, Tito & Racco into the world of Web 3 but my brother, Ashton Woods, who mixed and mastered the record. This song reminds you that no dream is too big and you deserve to have good things. Please set the tone for growth and success in your life by calling to it. I hope you enjoy. With Love, Scolla Produced By June Jissle, Tito G & Big Racco Engineered By Scolla Fungwe Mix & Mastered By Ashton Woods Artwork By Scolla Fungwe "Either you elevating or just getting high, Man Pick A Side!"


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August 30, 2022

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