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About off the map by Ramzoid

YO I'm Ramzoid, an artist/singer/producer from Prince Edward Island, Canada. I've been exploring the Web3 space for around a year now, starting with a sold out collection of 10 audio/visual pieces on opensea, I then dropped a series of 1/1 songs from my discography on Catalog which have mostly been collected up until this point as well. Have loved watching what has been doing from the sidelines and very stoked to be officially dropping on here!! This is the first single from my upcoming debut album that I've been working on for the past few years. Oddly enough, this was the first song I made in my album process that felt like it encompassed the "vibe" I was looking for. It really set the tone for the whole project, & after I wrote the demo for it, the album started to really take shape and have direction with each following song I created. During the creation of the song I was very inspired by visuals. I wanted the song to sound like how a desolate, dark field would look (if that makes any sense lol) So yeah very excited to share it with you all, hope you enjoy :)


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golden egg holder will receive a ZOID AMULET 001 (custom sterling silver pendant + chain with 2 diamonds that i designed myself)

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September 05, 2022

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