Ether (ft. MNDR)



4 months ago

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Behind the music

Read a bit about Ether (ft. MNDR) directly from RAC

"When I wrote ETHER with RAC and my long time collaborator Peter Wade, I was feeling overwhelmed by the deep dark days of social media’s Cult Of Self-Obsession and the destructive force it has on the world.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe because there was a larger than life, algorithm-driven monster determined to exploit the worst in all of us.  It was crippling.  However, in writing this song, I began to shift and shed this destruction and focus on the simplicity of connecting…a real connection.  I started to shift my CULT OF ME into the COMMUNITY OF US and realized that even on the smallest levels, connection is key to LOVE EVOL.  Clearly RAC was connected to that ethos as his production brought these lyrics to life in another dimension that I never could have expected. ETHER is the clear sky above the clouds where I want to live and evolve.  Release me, come alive ... we're coming to love…Ether.  It transcends it all." - MNDR

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