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About LAUGH IT OFF by Pussy Riot

Happy international day of gender equality, the 8th of March. Today we want to remind you that women-identified and LGBTQ+ people don't need to be empowered, we need tools and funds to empower ourselves. LAUGH IT OFF drops alongside with the launch of UnicornDAO, a collectors DAO with a mission to redistribute wealth and publicity to historically marginalized groups. Pussy Riot, VΓ‰RITΓ‰ and LATASHÁ are members of UnicornDAO whose goal is to invest in women-identified and LGBTQ+ creators πŸ’¦ We'll laugh it off. Song written by Pussy Riot, Tove Lo, VΓ‰RITΓ‰ , LATASHÁ & Tim Nelson Produced by TimFromTheHouse Mixed by Ryan Schwabe Mastered by Dale Becker Artwork by Ksti Hu


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March 08, 2022

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