Take / Back



2 months ago

Contract Address


Available NFTs

0 / 25

Price per NFT

0.1 ETH


2.5 ETH




Available from collecting this song

  • Golden Egg

    The egg is hidden in a randomly selected timestamp. The winner is revealed only when the song sells out. The winner's NFT is then upgraded to a unique 1/1 chosen by the artist.

  • Ticket to show

    Every collector will get one ticket to an upcoming show

  • Hand-written letter

    The golden egg winner will receive a hand-written letter from me with a special message

  • Comment Wall

    Make a public comment on the song. Prove you were a supporter from way back in the day. Sell your NFT, and your comment is replaceable by the new owner.


Behind the music

Read a bit about Take / Back directly from msft

Hi, I’m msft, Italian bass music producer and web3 enthusiast. My Sound debut will be with my song Take / Back. This song represents somehow a shift in my production workflow towards a groovier/drums-oriented approach. After releasing my EP in January which got completely sold on Catalog as well, I wanted to dive deeper into my production techniques, finding new ways to implement my skills and eventually become a better producer. I’ve been inspired by my peers in music, especially camoufly who’s one of my best friends, a source of self-challenge and, of course, motivation. He made me start my web3 career months ago and he always pushed me to make whatever I want, constantly encouraging me to be and feel artistically free. This song aims to prove how I want to keep on exploring genres/styles that I wasn’t used to make years ago. Somehow, I believe this experimental approach embodies my web3 journey: building, experimenting, trying, understanding, and eventually assimilating.