Synchronize (RAC Mix)


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About Synchronize (RAC Mix) by Milky Chance

It’s crazy how time flies. It feels like yesterday that we started writing songs together in high school, recording our songs at Clemens’ house and just uploading it for the world to hear. But already almost ten years have passed since we released our first album and we are grateful for every single step in our journey till today, honored that we are still here and able to do what we love. And we’re hoping that we can do this for much longer, but while writing ‘Synchronize’ we did have some apocalyptic images in our heads. We liked the idea of coming from the „smoke in the sky“ image - that was there first - and to pair that with the comfort of being totally in love/synchronization and the absurdity it creates. Even though this world seems to be going down slowly, if you find yourself in sync with a person you love or in sync with the world around you, it resembles the blind feeling of love and how that can make you „blind“ for other real happenings. Like seeing everything through rose-colored glasses. Making you feel good endlessly. We are so delighted that RAC, an artist we always admired for his unique sound and creativity, took our song and made his own version of it. RAC really did a beautiful job on reinterpreting our song. The Song structure itself didn‘t change but the world he built around it, so it feels more like a remake than a remix. His guitar playing and new harmonies take the song to another level in a more dark and melancholic way and we really love how it turned out. From bottom to top a little masterpiece.


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September 02, 2022

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