Be Here Long


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About Be Here Long by Miles Ryan Harris

This record is dedicated to my brother. River Naim Harris #FreeRio We all process our trauma differently, and the past few years of my life have been quite traumatic. On one hand I understand that I am not defined by these traumas. They are a part of my journey but they do not make me who I am. Yet, on the other hand I understand that in order for me to heal I need to address them. To process them. To find acceptance. To find forgiveness. To find peace. The fact that songwriting is a gift is not something that’s lost on me. I am grateful every day to be able to express myself through music in a way that helps me heal. I don’t know a better way to communicate. I don’t know a better form of therapy than being completely vulnerable: on record. I wrote “Be Here Long” at one of the lowest points in my life. At the time I didn’t realize how many emotions I was suppressing and how much of an impact it was having on me. It’s funny how art reflects life because I feel like I was in autopilot both mentally and musically. I didn’t need to force this record and truthfully, I don’t feel like [I] wrote it; it wrote itself. I just remember pacing around my apartment in tears and finally looking down at a finished song. One section in particular resonated with me at a core level: “You halfway through a sentence, and it’s harder to keep dreaming. I’m halfway through a sentence, and it’s harder to keep reading. Letters feel like packages whenever I’m receiving… heavy. I feel the distance, the dissonance The disconnect from your innocence The tears, rain… The pain in your eyes, the resemblance Liquor in my cup, a deliverance And liquor on the ground in remembrance” It reminded me that we’re all fighting our individual battles. Together. We are all fighting to maintain our light. To keep going on days where it may seem hopeless. To find love in all that we do. I am not physically with my brother but his battle is my battle. His light is my light. His peace is my peace. And we will find it together. I thought a lot about what I wanted my initial offering for this platform to be. Full transparency, it gave me a lot of anxiety trying to pick the “perfect” song. I never set out to make any type of record. I just create what I feel called to create. But I found hope in this record. And that’s something I’d love to contribute to my people in any way possible. I love you guys. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for reminding me of my worth when I forget. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for uplifting me. Thank you for showing up for me. Thank you for helping me provide for my family. Thank you. For everything. All love, always. -MRH


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September 08, 2022

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