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About Myōken by Mark de Clive-Lowe

"Myōken" is the Pole Star - that guiding light which, in ancient Japan, was the focus of a Taoist movement in the 7th Century. I love the idea of mythical and folkloric symbolism tied to creative expression and narrative - the idea of old stories being one with futurist stories and using the wisdom of all that to guide us as we venture into a new reality... This instrumental broken-beat track dips into so many things I love - freeform harmony, piano and synths painting the introspective opening - the Pole Star shining bright and universal... then the intro music gets resampled and flipped as we sidestep into the samples n beats world of my early 00's London underground club years - the urgency and intention of machine-gridded rhythms juxtaposed with the resampled organics of the intro. When it comes to tribalism in music, Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti is a perennial inspiration and I wanted to bring some of his vibes into the mix, writing a Fela-influenced melody hook and topping it off with breakbeats and jazz improvisations on the rhodes, bringing us full circle to all the things I love to blend... soulful harmony, syncopated rhythm and free-wheeling improvisation - the jazz soundclashed with something for the dancer's dancer. * 25% of the revenue from this drop will go to the Mashibeats treasury supporting the growth of our community and future projects * Every collector of this NFT will be able to access $MASHI coin airdrops (the social token which fuels our Mashibeats community) * The Golden Egg collector receives $BUYBACK governance tokens


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Golden Egg

The egg is only revealed after the song sells out. The winner receives a unique 1/1 NFT chosen by the artist.



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Collectors get exclusive first listen access to all future drops from undefined as soon as they mint their release.

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$BUYBACK tokens

the Golden Egg holder will be airdropped 500 $BUYBACK tokens representing governance in the Mashibeats community + bonus $MASHI coin social token airdrop

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July 06, 2022

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