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Tracklist : 1. Space Dimension Controller - 2076 AD 2. Jacquès - Eclipse 3. 0x-Jitzu - Artificio Naturale 4. Bergsonist - Breakthrough 5. Nautiluss - Exit Strategy 6. Bagvs - Untitled 13 7. GovernmentFun - Squelch 8. CRISPR - Locus Structure 9. Boys Noize - Detune 10. Thys - DoomTimelineTM 11. Random Brothers - BUDAKKICK 12. Surgeon - Jet Pack Mack 13. Maelstrom - Hand in Hand 14. Void Palace - Brainwave I'm always happy when DJs play my music but it's also a strange feeling to see someone getting paid a 5 figures fee when none of the producers who made the music they play get compensated for their work. Of course, curation is important. DJing is a creative practice and requires skills & talent, but 99% of the time the DJ gets most of the light while the producers don't even get mentioned (and almost never get paid). This Sound.xyz drop is an experiment to see how web3 can help change this. I started by going through all of the catalog.works and nina.protocol records, to find tracks I thought would work from producers who had already been onboarded to web3 platforms. I also asked on twitter for new music. Then I recorded the mix on Ableton while traveling between Warsaw and Paris (played live in both cities and that felt like my life was given back to me!) - When that was done, I made a tracklist with the usual data + ETH wallet addresses and twitter handles. Once we've sold all editions of the DJ set, each producer will automatically receive 5.71% of the sales, while I'll get 15% for the curation, and FWB 5% for helping out with making this happen I hope this can be replicated, and that it can help rethink the relationship between DJs and producers as an interdependent one, instead of just a transactional one. Community is key to the survival of healthy and creative scenes, local and global. Many thanks to @tiraquon @bergsonist @Nautiluss @Bagvs @paraexistence @boysnoize @ThysMusic @DanisthaRandy @Tony_Surgeon @_voidpalace_ @0X__TX @0xJitzu for letting me use their music in the mix ! And s/o to @raihan_ @fwbtweets for making this happen <3 Maël


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