Bye Bye Baby


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About Bye Bye Baby by Hermez

Bye Bye is a C’est La vie record. The juxtaposition of knowing you have to say bye to a lover & enjoy every minute before it’s gone. Le Mav & I cooked up this record in Lagos Nigeria last year. We were sitting on the couch at TSE’s spot. He played this soulful sample & we found a bounce immediately. The record is special to us because through a record that feels good & something you can also dance to. The message is having the clarity to say Bye to a lover & still love them on the way out. This is track 13th off of my newly released album Oasis. OASIS is the tranquility of my emotions & serenity of my stories. My language, a piece of my history/memory. Sonically composed together. Oasis is an Afro-fusion project. A sound track for the duel citizen. Blending genres & cultures together. For Hermez specifically it would be the sweet Nigerian Afro sonic mixed with the alluring confidence Atlanta brings. Combining the two worlds to creating a new futuristic symphony.


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November 21, 2022

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