NEYBORS (feat. Elujay & J.Robb)


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About NEYBORS (feat. Elujay & J.Robb) by Heno.

“NEYBORS” is about giving your undivided attention to that special someone & sharing those intimate moments uninterrupted.  I’ve lived in settings where I’ve had annoying neighbors either above/below me or next door ask me to either turn down the volume when I’m playing music or keep the general volume down when having guests over. But nothing is more annoying when that happens while trying to spend quality time with your significant other. Those intimate moments can completely take your focus away from everything else in the world. Sometimes it can all feel therapeutic or even euphoric; where you don’t even need to speak & can just exist together. I wanted to end the summer on an upbeat and feel-good vibe as I gear up for the release of my next EP. This was actually the first record that J.Robb played me out of a pack when he and Elujay both came over to my house in LA to kick it. As soon as I heard it I knew it was special because I felt like both the production and the parts Elujay had laid were perfect. I ended up writing both my verses that same day and recorded them the next day. One of the best things you can provide your significant other is undivided attention. The feeling of being wanted, desired, and/or having a hold on someone, in THIS DAY AND AGE, is saying a lot. I think it’s the little things like being present when spending time with your partner that makes those moments feel like heaven. It shows an intention is being made & keeps that energy on a high. “NEYBORS” will be on all platforms on Tuesday, September 6th. Written by Heno. + Elujay Produced by J.Robb + Elujay Mixed & Mastered by J.Robb + Heno.


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September 02, 2022

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