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About Crashing by harris cole

"Crashing" is the instrumental of my single "Again" w/ Juliana Chahayed, released Aug. 12th via Friends of Friends. The two songs were released as a double single as the lead for my upcoming EP "Always Less". I started on "Crashing" somewhere around a year ago while in the midst of a major identity crisis regarding my music, and abandoned it when I wasn't able to confidently flesh it out. Almost a year later, Juliana and I got in touch, and right away I knew I had the idea for her. I sent her what was then the demo version of "Crashing" and she quickly sent me back a vocal idea which instantly inspired and excited me. There's not a lot of vocalists I connect with or enjoy the sound of, but her voice so flawlessly fit over the instrumental, and I knew that was all that I was missing. Once the process began of finishing the song with Juliana's vocals, the instrumental came together much more naturally. Having that inspiration and foundation of the vocal layers really helped me see it through. I'm extremely proud of this instrumental which so vividly conveys the calm essence I wanted to communicate when first beginning the instrumental a year ago.


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August 28, 2022

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