dream vacation


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About dream vacation by Grady

daddy's money was designed as an all expenses paid trip for you and your friends to fly to sonic paradise. made with only luxury materials from London, Paris, New York, and Amalfi, there's no better way to bring you and your special someone to that sweet, summer soaked place you could only dream of before. every album needs an intro, and nothing i'd written while traveling quite felt like the welcome mat for the front door of the estate that is daddy's money. back in march daniel allan, bloody white and i booked a studio in town during ETH Denver and messed around til 3 or 4am. i always came back to one of them, and realized that if i flushed it out it really did set the tone for the rest of the album. i had come back to LA to finish Cherry with plans to ship back out into the world the following week, but i met this girl that diverted my flight path. she was new in town to work for the summer and didn't really fuck with the egos in a lot of the people she met.she just had a different vibe in a really refreshing way. she was made out of sunlight, and i wanted to surround myself with it. i wanted to give her the best experience possible for the short time she was there, and it felt really good to want to make someone's life feel cinematic. sort of how life had felt for me traveling solo in Europe. and so i'd found my welcome mat.


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September 09, 2022

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