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About butter by Grady

daddy's money was designed as an all expenses paid trip for you and your friends to fly to sonic paradise. made with only luxury materials from London, Paris, New York, and Amalfi, there's no better way to bring you and your special someone to that sweet, summer soaked place you could only dream of before it was a Friday night and i was making my way through Ireland when i got invited on a trip to sail across Croatia. i invited a few friends, and one of them wanted to come out a few days early so we could fuck around before the trip. she booked a flight to Paris for the coming Monday and i went to bed thinking of how i was going to organize the two days in between then and now. but when i woke up, she'd cancelled her flight because of work, and wouldn't be coming to Croatia either. this song was made on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea. all images shot on film on location of inspiration


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September 02, 2022

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