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About Snow Globe by FINKEL

We wrote Snow Globe after being hit with the first major snowstorm of the season in 2021 while writing our record, Islanders, on Mackinac Island. We’d anticipated being snowed in prior to moving into our Island apartment and setting up our studio. When the snow started falling from the thick clouds, engulfing the island, we knew it was time to start in on our song "Snow Globe". Weather can change on a dime on Mackinac Island because of its position nestled in Lake Huron and north of the 45th parallel. The aim was to capture the other-worldly phenomenon that only this small island can experience; existing in a real-life snow globe. "Snow Globe" was produced by FINKEL and Josh Stadlen, mixed by Khushi, and mastered by Dale Becker. “Snow Globe” is the last song of our album, Islanders, which also serves as the score of our feature-length documentary also titled, Islanders. To watch the documentary, head to


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November 22, 2022

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