In The Smoke


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About In The Smoke by emma miller

In The Smoke is my genesis drop and my third music NFT, following two sold out collections earlier this year. It’s a self-confronting song about choosing to leave the life you have in pursuit of the unknown. It’s from the perspective of a woman on the edge, where it’s uncertain if she’s having a breakdown or a break through. Perhaps a combination of both. Growing up in a small town in the north east of Scotland, I’ve always been exposed to the great outdoors, bad weather and a kind of social conditioning that you shouldn’t ask for too much in life. Much of my music takes influence from those themes, of wondering what it would mean to take a certain fork in the road and what my place is in the world. Since discovering web 3, I can feel my own internal changes taking place as new paths present themselves. The music community, specifically, has provided me with all the tools, unwavering support and cultural values I was struggling to find elsewhere. To be looking out towards a future where I’m able to exist in this space as a full time, independent artist is something I still can’t quite believe. I’m wholeheartedly embracing it. Although I wrote and recorded this song here in Edinburgh, I also brought on my longterm producer Lucas Mendes to make his web 3 debut from his studio in London. We wanted to be fairly restrained in our approach to this song and to capture its uneasy nature. Lucas intricately layered guitars and plucked strings and provided the texture, detail and depth that the song required. He also mixed the song remotely with me - one of my favourite parts of the creative process where you can map out every nuance. He is my wizard. I hope my music will provide a little salve to your wounds and act as an outlet for whatever you need it for. emma xx


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November 23, 2022

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