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About Personally by Emily Lazar

Emily Lazar is a multi-disciplinary artist fronting the rock/metal transmedia project, September Mourning. She made history as the first female metal/ hard rock musician to mint and sell an NFT on the blockchain. She has spoken about her accomplishments in Web 3/ NFT's at Harvard (2x), NFT.NYC and ETH Denver Conferences. September Mourning is a transmedia project based on a comic book series she wrote and published through Image/Top Cow Comics with her business partner Marc Silvestri (Batman/Witchblade/Darkness). September Mourning is the title character. As a human reaper hybrid, she gives expired souls a second chance at life in another body. In doing so, she messes with the plans of the antagonist, Fate, who is trying to rid earth of all the good souls and leave the bad so the world will self-destruct and It can start anew. An epic war between the living and the dead ensues. Emily plays the title character on stage. Emily designed the world she and her band (Rich Juzwick, Kyle Mayer and Aaron Hoover) bring to life on stage, including costumes, choreography, sets, etc. The band has toured with & opened festivals for Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Mudvayne and others across Europe and the United States. The high energy hard rock anthem, “Personally” slaps you in the face with driving guitars, percussion and vocals fueled by rage. The lyrics mimic the anger September feels towards Fate in the story but can very easily be relatable to any listener’s real life frustrations as well. Wes Henry brilliantly captures the energy and emotion of the song in his album artwork. Album Art: Wes Henry Song Credits: September Mourning Collective


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August 23, 2022

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