Let Go



3 months ago

Contract Address


Available NFTs

0 / 25

Price per NFT

0.1 ETH


2.5 ETH




Available from collecting this song

  • Golden Egg

    The egg is hidden in a randomly selected timestamp. The winner is revealed only when the song sells out. The winner's NFT is then upgraded to a unique 1/1 chosen by the artist.

  • Track Stems

    All NFT collectors will receive stems from the song.

  • Tickets to show

    The golden egg winner will receive a VIP ticket (+1) to one of my shows.

  • One of one Bucket hat

    The golden egg winner will also receive a one of one crochet bucket hat made by me.

  • Comment Wall

    Make a public comment on the song. Prove you were a supporter from way back in the day. Sell your NFT, and your comment is replaceable by the new owner.


Behind the music

Read a bit about Let Go directly from Duskus

Hi! I’m Simon, also known as Duskus. I’m a 25-year old producer from London, UK. I’ve been making music for most of my life. My mum got me into classical guitar when I was 8 years old. At 14, I started experimenting with FL studio and started a DJ project with my friend from school. In college I started producing for myself and sent a demo to bitbird, after San Holo commented on one of my SoundCloud demos. That’s kind of how my music career got started. This song Let Go, is the second single off my new EP called “Healers. Vol.1”. I wrote Let Go when I was on my last tour. I wanted to write something purely in my laptop without any external hardware as this was all I had. I also wanted to kinda let go of any idea of what I thought the track could be. I didn’t really plan anything and as a result of that this track came out! The title Let Go represents letting go of the ego behind making music and just having fun with it! Drawing in some notes and making it into a little beat. This song is a little different but I wanted to make something simple that wasn’t super poppy. Big love to everyone who supports my music. It means a lot. x sim