Daniel Allan

Bittersweet (w/ DEEGAN)


Daniel Allan

4 months ago

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Behind the music

Read a bit about Bittersweet (w/ DEEGAN) directly from Daniel Allan

I met DEEGAN my first week living in Los Angeles. I was at a show watching a friend perform when I got a tap on the shoulder - I thought I was going to run into one of my other friends who recently moved cross country with me but instead I was greeted by a total stranger. He introduced himself and I immediately recognized him after having worked with his cousin months prior. The next day I did a deep dive on his catalog and invited him over to my place for a session. I remember being blown away by the weird noises he could produce with just his voice alone. I realized he was the type of creative that wouldn't try to structure out the perfect song - he would let me do whatever I wanted to do. And creatively that's exactly what I needed. Over the years DEEGAN and I have worked on so many records together. From our early days making bleeps and bloops on my computer to his 2 features on Overstimulated, to the writing camp I put together in Malibu, DEEGAN has consistently been one of my favorite people to work with - not only for his musical abilities - but for his undeniable personality that lights up every room he's in. Bittersweet is a record that I started on last summer and sent to DEEGAN at the end of last year. When I was looking for a song to drop on Sound, I came across this topline but the production felt outdated. I ended up manically sitting with it for 72 hours and this is the result that came out. It's a preview of my new direction sonically. This song is about the mixed emotions one feels after a breakup: The happiness of not having to deal with their toxic behavior anymore, and the sadness in losing all of the good parts about them.