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About infinite by Charm Taylor

What if you could meet your past or future self across space and time. What might you advise, observe, affirm, or say to yourself ? One truth I would reveal to my past self is: you will use your voice and your journal entries will become poems, stories will become speeches, and songs will spring forth into the world to become your legacy. “Infinite” is a dance between my past, present, and future self. If we see more limitlessly we find that time is in fact not short, time is abundant as well, life is the longest dance we will ever know. The world is what it is, for better or worse because people shaped it so, that being said, I believe we are in an everlasting cycle of co-creation with the universe. “Infinite” asks us to get on the dancefloor ( a metaphor for life) and tap in with self and one another to create the world we want to live in and leave behind for future generations. Art imitates life and life imitates art. Dreams are sacred and I believe we don’t quit until we’ve lived each one. Produced by New Orleans royalty, Ciara Porter( granddaughter of George Porter Jr. , The Meters) , recorded at House of Corperning with her partner, Charles aka Winowilly ( from Philly) and mixed & mastered by Future Surf Labs founder Cam Murdoch, the song is made up of bars, bounce, melodic house poly-rhythms, and soulful dance breaks. Everyday I reaffirm to present self that I am surrounded by supportive community, I can step out of my way and let the blessings flow into my life. Breathe now look up, look within, and look how far we’ve come. If I met my future self, I would encourage her to continue to enjoy the fruits of her labor and to keep finding ways to honor all the people she has encountered along the way, they have all mattered. I am inspired daily and have so much love for so many of you in ways that don’t even belong to me🙏🏾 Infinite gratitude, ✨Charm


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September 15, 2022

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