Matthew Chaim

Climb (feat. Phinisey)


Matthew Chaim

5 months ago

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Behind the music

Read a bit about Climb (feat. Phinisey) directly from Matthew Chaim

Phinisey and I write the wildest, weirdest songs together. This is the first one we're releasing unto the world. We met in LA back in 2019 when I was living out there. We instantly hit it off for our shared sense of just making whatever. Nothing needed to make sense, fit a specific container or vibe. We'd just jam. Phinisey is crazily talented — production, songwriting, singing, mixing, engineering. Dude does it all. We didn't reopen Climb for a long time after our initial session writing it. But we'd always play it back and be like "damn, this really goes". It wasn't until a session over zoom during the pandemic when I was like "what if you just sing the lyrics from my first verse as the second verse, and we make this song a joint release?" Phinisey laid down the vocals and naturally crushed it. Finally, the canonical version of Climb was born. Enjoy..