Triple Beam


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About Triple Beam by Black Dave

[BLACK DAVE] [GUNDAM RX-78GP04G-MK2 OKAMI PILOT LOG] [ENTRY 00012] Fuck! I feel like every time I head out to test new modifications to Okami, something always happens! Finding this hunk of Gundam junk a few years back has been the best thing to happen to me but also a pain in the ass. Now I'm stuck hiding in a nearby asteroid field while some sort of battle takes place in the not too far distance. Fuck, this is the worst. Of course I should have done some engine optimizations if I'm gonna carry a fucking gatling gun. Of course I should have done some engine optimizations if I'm gonna carry 3 extra fucking clips with me. These bullets aren't cheap so there’s no way I'm leaving these either. “Wouldn't it be cool to have a Gundam that uses actual bullets, Dave?” “Wouldn't it be fucking rad to use physical bullets instead of getting an energy-based gatling gun?” It's 0093 for crying out loud, there’s nothing cool about vintage weaponry. I can shoot through asteroids easily, but another bot? In space? I didn't think this through. Vintage weaponry is actually cool as fuck tho. What am I supposed to do now? I didn’t bring any manga…and honestly my life is a fucking manga at this point. Who the fuck ends up almost out of power while testing out a scrapped bot (I mean it’s a Gundam but still (thanks Anaheim!))? It’s me. I’m him. Well, I DO have my laptop. Space is quiet. Maybe I'll make some music. I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t it makes more sense to start working on the design for a beam gatling gun instead? Nah…that actually sounds pretty boring. Enjoy.


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February 02, 2022

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