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About Die For You... V1 by Beauty School Dropout

we want to show you something.. this is our song die for you... but the 1st version of the idea... we did this because we wanted to show how art changes. as we bring more brain power into something, creations evolve and this is a beautiful part of the process. why are you guys dropping old demos as NFT’s instead of new finished music you might ask… being an artist is by no means an easy feat. Your product requires vulnerability in its rawest form, generally in an attempt to reach masses. that said, often times so much of the musical process gets overlooked as the consumer is generally receiving the final and most polished version of the music. as a band we believe in pushing boundaries, exposing all the layers of our artistry, and showing you every aspect of what’s it’s taken for us to get to where we are now to give a deeper look into our work. this is exactly what sparked our collection WORKS OF PROGRESS.


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November 23, 2022

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