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Available from collecting this song

  • Golden Egg

    The egg is hidden in a randomly selected timestamp. The winner is revealed only when the song sells out. The winner's NFT is then upgraded to a unique 1/1 chosen by the artist.


    The winner of the golden egg gets airdropped an NFT from our upcoming project The Dropouts on Solana.


    - Whitelist spot for our upcoming Solana project called The Dropouts ⁃ Exclusive sneak preview of our next EP titled “WE MADE PLANS AND GOD LAUGHED” ⁃ VIP +1 to one Beauty School Dropout to any one show (non festival)

  • Comment Wall

    Make a public comment on the song. Prove you were a supporter from way back in the day. Sell your NFT, and your comment is replaceable by the new owner.


Behind the music

Read a bit about ASSASSIN directly from Beauty School Dropout

Remember that thing you couldn’t free yourself from? The habit, the relationship, the mindset. The one that you know will crush you if you stay in any longer.. this is Assassin. Shortly after signing our deal with the new venture between Mark Hoppus, Pete Wentz, and Sherry Saeedi called Verswire we began a month long stint of writing sessions geared toward creating new music for our next project so we could come out of the gates swinging. In these sessions Assassin was born. Assassin came from a session with a writing and production group called the Four Horsemen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourn, Highly Suspect, Carrie Underwood, Buckcherry, Kelly Clarkson, etc.) Going into the process, we said our goal is “Bieber level hooks with the heaviest guitars you can get” and Assassin was born. It was one of those songs that wrote itself. It felt easy, and that is not always the case. When it came time to produce the record we had a roadmap in our heads of how we wanted the sonics to come across. We’ve been practicing getting a song written in entirety before adding any production elements. It’s like our ultimate test to see if the song is good or not… if it can it hold up being playing with just an acoustic guitar then we know it's a good song.