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The single most important thing right now is that the youth believe in ourselves enough to truly unleash our creativity. I am an artist, teacher, student, world builder and I am a vessel by which the higher dimensions flow into this one. I create these compositions of high frequency vibration for everyone, but specifically the Indigos. There is a shift happening and the Indigos are here to usher in a new world. A world that operates on the love frequency. I believe music is our strongest tool for this purpose. My name is Ayotemi and I am a 25 year old, groovy, full-blooded Nigerian born in America. The rhythms and the soul of my African ancestors are my root lens. The lens through which my divine creativity is unleashed. My subconscious sits above this root and is as a file cabinet. Every sound, whether a cricket chirping, a buckle-seat-belt beep, jazz standard harmony, black church choir, voice of my mother, voice of a stranger, is stored there. Input in a database. Soil nutrients to a tree. The fruit is my song. Doo Doo is my saddest song so far. It’s about the toxic side of self-love. Self-love without balance. As people with purpose. And goals and ambitions and shit. [in love with the thought of the taste of flight] it can be easy to lose touch - with the ground. On this episode of toxic self-love, I push her too hard. Does she leave? Listen for yourself. Doo Doo. Lyrics: Mmm You said lately I don't show you love like I used to Im sorry I’m Doo Doo Remember I gave you all my time it was usual Never felt like I was wasting my time But now times don changed I got a schedule Please go away from me God bless you I’m okay still can’t connect to Anyone can’t connect with myself See it on your face, aww You’re far away from me See it on my face, aww I’m far away from me Feel like I did it again See it on your face, aww You’re far away from me See it on my face, aww I’m far away from me Feel like I did it again (turn up) I was tryna get high Tryna fly, fly away Baby girl you got me all entrapped like a slave Baby girl I’m tryna clean it up and clean the slate You was on my plate used to eat yo a** for mmm damn Ill hop in the Jag drive for hours on the way I know what you like I got flowers on the way I’ll be at your door hope you smile and see my face baby I’m on my way bae I’m on my way baby I’m on my way I hope that’s okay Do you wanna play Tell me if I came would you stay would you wait Girl I’m on the way I know it’s late I know it’s late You been on my brain no I won’t hesitate no more We’re all good If you’re all good Where you going No don’t go Now your gone Now you’re gone :( Now you’re gone You flew away like a girl heading north No I don’t blame you


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August 31, 2022

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