Queen George

3 months ago

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Available NFTs

0 / 25

Price per NFT

0.07 ETH


1.75 ETH




Available from collecting this song

  • Golden Egg

    The egg is hidden in a randomly selected timestamp. The winner is revealed only when the song sells out. The winner's NFT is then upgraded to a unique 1/1 chosen by the artist.

  • 2 tickets to live show

    The golden egg winner will receive a pair of tickets to 3 QG live shows of your choice.

  • Writing process voice memo

    All collectors will have access to a compilation of the writing process voice memos from the empty canvas to the completion of the song.

  • Comment Wall

    Make a public comment on the song. Prove you were a supporter from way back in the day. Sell your NFT, and your comment is replaceable by the new owner.


Behind the music

Read a bit about BODED directly from Queen George

Summer of ‘21, Bordeaux, France. It rained, it rained, the sky and I didn’t stop crying. Today I call it cleansing, but back then I couldn’t even call it. My love at the time couldn’t call me either - he was slipping through my fingers by the day. Our relationship slowly died like a campfire that gets smaller while everyone sits around and watches the flames go down, quietly observing. As life would have it, the more we died, the more myself and my music came alive. A whole world opened at the expense of the demise of what I thought was my whole world. I have good and bad news about heartbreak. The bad news is that it sucks. The good news is that in such deep waters, you can be nothing but honest. The urge to reclaim my identity washed over me and I decided it was time to bring every part of my being to life. With the love & support of my wonderful friends and producers Dean Woodson, Jean Castel, and Edouard Algayon, every sound, language, culture, flavor that makes up my DNA found its way to my fingertips and Boded was born. BODED (pronounced Bodèd), Hebrew for LONELY, sings the pain of the man I loved slipping away from me. His body was there, but his heart and spirit were no longer around. “BODED, wanted alive not dead.” When I lost him, I found myself and my sound. This song is a concoction of dying love, living beauty, the Israeli music I was raised on, many languages, few words, all united in harmony between the creaking walls of a castle in the south of France. I hope you enjoy my he(art) as much as I enjoy giving it to you.