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About MOOD SWINGS [W/ JON WALTZ & ROHO] by Lackhoney

executive produced by sunny b aka bizzle bizz this song is so insane to me, and the best part is how its creation was such a journey pt. 1 conception (5.18.22) mood swings started may 18, 2022 when i had an in-person session with rohan (roho), we had already made two or three songs together virtually but had never met in person and wow he is very tall. also one of the kindest, easiest to get along with, and most effortlessly talented people i've worked with. we started the session the same way all my favorite sessions start, with about 2.5 hours of talking. i think this was before eth went down such sweet and innocent times. eventually, we started working and the first thing that rohan played was the piano chords, we went through a few versions before we landed on the ones you hear (first time they come in is when i start rapping). he plays all his drums by hand on a keyboard, which is why they feel so human. i've seen very very very few people do it in person, and nobody as well as he does. he talks and makes jokes while he comes up with the craziest shit its insane. there are like 3-4 different drum patterns throughout this song its insane. as the instrumental started to take shape i started having ideas for raps. i wrote a very long verse (cut it down by about 12 bars in the final version) and felt like i was truly in the 'flow' for the first time in months. i had been struggling with feeling a lot of self-judgement whenever i created for a while but working with rohan unlocked a playfullness and free-spiritedness that i hadn't tapped into for a while. kind of a similar feeling i get from yelling on twitter honestly. i recorded my verse in one take as well as a hook idea that was very different from what this song ended up being. we left the session with a verse and a hook recorded and a super rough layout of the instrumental. from there i took it home and worked on it that night, adding the distortion to the bass and developed out the arrangement and my vocal mix a little more. i was in my studio at my house with a couple friends who were gassing me up. pt.2 may-july (forgot about the song) it didn't fit on the new album i'm working on so i just put it to the side and didn't think i'd come back to it. i would listen to it from time to time and play it for people and the reactions were always super positive but i didn't know where to 'put' it in my discography. pt.3 july 2022 i traveled 6 times from june 19th - july 26th and the song was finished while i was still living out of my suitcases at this point jon and i had been talking about working for a couple of months, and i had sent him a different song i wanted him to get on. i think i had already sent this song to another artist and showed it to jon on a whim. but he connected with this one instantly and said he was writing to it. a week or two passed and he sent me his vocals. i started working on them in miami and finished them in san antonio in sunny's apartment. after i mixed his voice i spent a day or two changing the production around his verse to fit what he was saying. i recorded some vocals / adlibs over his verse to add to it and added that skit between hook2/verse2 while sunny was studying at her table. at this point sunny b's executive production really kicked in. she told me i needed a new hook, and made a few changes in production to jon's verse and later mine. very key addition of the tire screeching sound in jon's verse by bizzle. i bounced a version of the song with the hook taken out just so i could imagine new ideas in its place. sunny's in medical school and is doing clinical rotations now so i dropped her off every morning at 5:55am. on the way back one morning i started playing "Mood Swings v.8 [no hook]". I wasn't trying to write to it, but when the hook came around i started singing the melody for the new hook and i got really excited. if u are reading this tweet "mood swiiingiiiinnggggg" and tag me or jon on twitter and one of us will send u a customized selfie response it'll be great. this is to reward u for really reading this long-ass thing. it came about really effortlessly after that. i wrote the hook parked in her car, playing the music too loud at 6am and spent the next hour or so figuring out how to record it, and deciding that the intro needed to just be the hook with the distorted bass. a couple days later sunny mentioned how my verse felt too long and helped me pick out 8-12 bars that needed to get cut out. the pitched up swearing ending of the verse was always there with the beeps but it didn't have context so i added in the 'talk show' skit and that was pretty much the song. boom shakalaka -aly


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August 05, 2022

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