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“Next Week's Coming” explores the relationship and dichotomy between two essential aspects of everyone’s lives: Time & Money. A wise man once said you can never have both; you’re either too busy or too broke for the move. Regardless of the industry or type of labor, most people have to work some kind of job to sustain themselves even though it isn’t necessarily always what they want to be doing. Although it creates financial stability, it can also be physically, mentally, and (in some cases) emotionally draining. This may prevent you from pursuing things you actually want to do. On the other hand, if you’re not working you might find yourself in a financial jam, which is obviously a big problem on its own. In the perfect world, everyone would be a millionaire doing something they love. But in a not so perfect but very real world that we actually live in, the goal is to find a balance between two essential things that don’t always coexist well. Perks for golden egg winner: - A FaceTime call full of gratitude - Access to future livestream - Early access to unreleased music - Free merch! For access to livestreams and unreleased music, these utilities will apply to our individual works on top of OK! Written & Arranged by Obi Igbo & Ahmed Kazmi Produced by Ahmed Kazmi Artwork by Obi Igbo Hook Ohhhh next week coming Could check please come in? I need bread coming, yeah Ohhhh but feet so swollen But I keep running Why I keep going? I keep jumping through these hoops for you I need them hundreds coming strong every two I’ll keep running but I gotta love the shoes I need some lights in a comfy living room Ahmed Verse But am I living if I’m just in and out the same rooms? Gotta stop to smell a rose or I may never bloom I know the wiseman says know yourself it’s of wealth mind But they should mind they business They should know we gotta grind If I look for peace of mind… Why can’t it have a view? Matter fact can I get two? Oh now I’m being rude? Yes, yes I know and agree... but can this wait ‘till noon? I got some meetings – in the meantime, check on something if you sitting on some free time... Has next check come in? (time) Could you check please for me? (time) I need bread coming, yeah Ohhhh but feet so swollen But we keep running Why we keep going? Hook (Skit 1) Obi Verse Oooo… I just checked my bank account and it’s not looking good Mind on my money honey don’t mean to be rude At the dinner table with the waiter and she waiting on ya boy I check my bank before I order up some food Yeah, when’s next week coming? I need the check please, not the best read, let’s correct these numbers I’m working too much to get too little Might have it now but I need it then 9-5 but I leave at 10 Next week again Gotta meet the ends Need a vacay needa see the sands Like a show promoter needa see the bands In the building… to the ceiling Money penicillin, what the people saying Praying for them better days And I heard the wiseman say I should seek within I can’t tell the difference ‘till I tell the teller you can keep the change Oooo… and I keep running And don’t look back Until I owe them tax I hope we all that rich Sallie Mae called my shit Can’t wait to dust my shoulders and pay of that shit I’m talking… Oooo… Hook (Skit 2)


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September 05, 2022

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